The Rottweiler Pope, the Danish Cartoon, and Muslim Moderates

It’s now a couple of weeks after the pope made his speech. A few days ago I listened to an interview with Clinton (former American president, in case anyone has forgotten). His view on the pope’s remarks and the Danish cartoon: they make it more difficult for Muslims moderates.

I thought about Clinton’s evaluation (he’s not someone I dismiss casually). And my thinking brought me to remembering what I’d heard about the impact of the Danish cartoon on Danish Muslims. According to that report, the discussions sparked by the cartoon moved the Muslim community forward by at least three centuries – because before that, the Muslim views were not challenged and until that happened, they could not be changed.

So have the Danish cartoon and the pope’s remarks hurt or helped Muslim moderates?

First, the cartoon and the remarks are not one and the same.

The Danish cartoon (to these nonMuslim eyes anyway) is a small mild portrayal of a grizzly truth – the use of the Muslim prophet as justification for bombings and other violence against innocent civilians, including Muslims. The pope’s remarks are more blunt and directly confrontational: violence done in the name of religion is against the nature of god. He was called a Rottweiler long before he made these remarks. His remarks – deliberately forceful, provocative – did bring to mind the image of a Rottweiler. Big teeth. A strong bite. One often has to be careful around Rottweilers.

That brings me to a question. Why did the Danish cartoon spark greater protest?

Well, a cartoonist is a more vulnerable target, doesn’t have the authority of a huge organized religion behind him. Also, the cartoon came first. Plus, there is the question of whether anyone can make an image of the prophet. Masses of Muslims acted in outrage that anyone dared to make such an image – and totally ignored the message of the cartoon. (The offended chose to ignore that there are numerous other images of their prophet, against which they have not protested, and that the violence done in the name of the prophet creates a very vivid image in people’s minds.)

But I still haven’t answered my own question. Have the cartoon and the pope’s remarks hurt or helped Muslim moderates.

My guess is they’ve helped. Someone had to do this work. The Danish cartoonist and the pope have drawn a lot of fire and anger away from Muslim moderates. More of them may actually have gotten more courage to speak out. Plus moderates may have moved further in their thinking in response to the cartoon, the pope’s remarks, and all the discussion this has generated. In fact, another guess I have is that there are more Muslim moderates than before. (That remains to be seen.)

So far I have no evidence – but I do know that Christians have become increasingly moderate over time, as the Christian fundamentalists have been challenged over and over.

Of course irate fundamentalists (Christian and Muslim) may be ever more allergic to the moderates. But at least in Canada, the very conservative Christians are much more moderate than a generation ago. A similar shift may take a couple of decades in the Muslim world, but that’s what I see happening.


In the short run, what would I see?

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” – so said Shakespeare, or perhaps it was some other famous British writer. I think the comment popped into my mind becuse people who are losing may get ever more angry. It doesn’t mean they will win, or that they should win. A spurned woman doesn’t increase her chances of winning back her beloved if she rages. On the contrary. And eventually a lot of spurned people learn.

I’m back to a central point. The more that people around the world do to break the shell of Muslim self-righteousness, the better.

So for now at least, based on my own assessment and knowledge, I will disagree with Clinton, though our goal is the same – the success of Muslim moderates.



“It is a fact readily acknowledged, that for humans, an idea is much more powerful than a fact.” I don’t know who said that – but I remember how those words struck me when I read them. One idea: just as ideas can close our minds, they can open them to new worlds and visions. Ideas pull things togheter or keep them apart. They help us organize experiences, help us make sense of things – or block us from making sense of things. So I hope you got something from what I’ve written. Comments and further thoughts welcome.


For more thiinking of the rage of the righteous – how it works and how one might counter it – there’s much more on my site:


Questions. Why so much Muslim rage at a Danish cartoon? Why so much rage in people in general? Narcissism. Hate. Illusions. The Idea Emporium – facts, ideas, conclusions. Plus stupid opinions exposed – such as the opinion that all opinons are equal.


A Muslim Writer In America

Khaled Husseini
Khaled Hosseini is a Muslim citizen of the United States, where he has lived for the past 33 years. Khaled was born in Afghanistan in 1965 and came with his father to the USA in 1981 after his father was granted political asylum.

That was the period when the Soviets had engineered a communist coup in Afghanistan and Khalid’s father could not go back. He was working in Paris at that time. Khalid’s father, in any case, did not want to go back to Afghanistan and he took the easier option of asking for asylum in the USA. The American government with its phobia of communism readily granted asylum to Hosseini.

In America

Perhaps if the scenario had been 2013, Khalid’s father would not have got asylum that easily. The wheel has turned full circle and Muslims who may or not have terror links are no longer welcome in the USA. It is to the credit of Khaled Hosseini that he has integrated with American life. But all along he has maintained his Muslim trappings.

He took to writing in the early twenty-first century and published his first novel ‘The Kite Runner ‘in 2003. The novel was a runaway hit and topped the bestseller charts for over 101 weeks. One of the reasons for the success of the book was its locale, Afghanistan which remains an enigma to most Americans. The old saying ‘distance lends enchantment to the view’ has been used by Hosseini to tempt the American audience with his books with Afghanistan as the locale.

And the Mountain Echoed
Khalid Hosseini has now penned another novel titled ‘And the Mountain Echoed’ in 2013. This is his third novel and again has Afghanistan as the background. Afghanistan is the home country of the writer and it is natural that most of his writings bring out the culture and clash of values of life in Afghanistan. Hosseini does not restrict himself to Afghanistan but encompasses a sweep that takes the reader from Kabul to Paris and further to the USA. It’s a very well written book and Hosseini presents a very plausible tale.

The story commences from an Afghan village when a poor man named Saboor relates a tale to justify his actions to his son, Abdullah. The real-life implication of the tale is that Abdullah is parted from his sister Pari who he loves greatly. He realizes that his father Saboor plans to sell his sister to a wealthy Kabul couple. She leaves and that void forever alters the lives of the young children.

Pari remains in the mind of Abdullah as Hosseini covers a period of six decades from the fifties to the 21st century. The characters move from small villages of Afghanistan to Paris and finally to the Greek island of Tinos.

Hosseini relates a parallel tale of characters like the step mother of Pari, Parwana and her brother Nab. Hosseini writes beautifully and one cannot distinguish from his writing that he is not an American by birth. The only giveaway is his locale of Afghanistan, which he presents to American readers with a lovely tale of human emotions.

Hosseini and Afghanistan

This novel is exquisite and readers will find information about Afghanistan wrapped in a lovely tale. Hosseini brings to the fore the rich cultural heritage of Afghanistan and how life is in the Afghan villages. It is sad that the Taliban have started an insurrection and wants to enforce the Wahhabi form of Islam. This may well take the Afghans back to the 6th century if they win. Hosseini deserves credit for writing this novel which has been liked by the American populace at large.

Last Word

Hosseini is an MD from the University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine in 1993. He practiced medicine for 10 years before venturing as a writer with his book ‘The Kite Runners’. Subsequently, he wrote ‘A thousand Splendid Suns’

Last Word
Hosseini is a Goodwill Envoy for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and visited Afghanistan in 2007. Presently he resides in Northern California with his wife Roya and two children. But despite this Hosseini is a man who will never go back to Afghanistan.

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Every Muslim Woman Should Have a Pair of Skinny Jeans: In Defense of the Muslim Man

I am a professional, independent, Muslim woman. I give lectures internationally about self-esteem, and self-empowerment for women. I am known for educating Muslim and non-Muslim women alike on the importance of fitness and weight management for health. But for the duration of this “rant”, I mean “article”. I want you to put all that to the side. This one is purely about the aesthetics of being fit.

When I mentioned I bought skinny jeans on my Facebook Fit Muslimah Fan page, I got a flood of comments indicating I was encouraging the haram and how Muslim women should not be wearing skinny jeans because they are too tight, etc. 15 comments were posted in the first 20 minutes. The sad part is not just the fact that Muslims were being so judgmental and assuming the worse immediately (that’s an article for another day). The sadder part is that none of these women who made these comments even thought of the husbands. (Thank you to the 3 women who actually thought of the men)

Okay lets be real for a minute. I don’t care how many times a day a Muslim man goes to the Masjid and prays HE IS STILL A MAN. We cover as Muslim women because we know that the women’s body is alluring to men. We cover because modesty of our bodies is a way of decreasing “fitnah” between men and women in society. We cover, not just in front of non-Muslim men but we also cover in from of Muslim men. So there is no doubt that Muslim men are treated as a “regular men” with desires.

We are blessed to have men who fear Allah and restrain themselves, their gazes and their sexual desires until they get married. And to be honest, I am often irritated with Muslim women who take these God fearing men for granted. Too often we ignore their humanness to excuse our own laziness. We lay crutch on their fear of Allah and desire of the life of the hereafter, instead of trying to help make their life in this world pleasurable with beautiful women.

  • “The UK Telegraph reported that scientists have found that the attribute that attracts men the most strongly to a woman is her hip-to-waist ratio-meaning they like women with waists that go in, and hips that go out (think: Christina Hendricks and Marilyn Monroe). The researchers who conducted this particular study said the ratio that really gets a guy worked up is a waist that measures about 70 percent of the woman’s hips. In addition, the scientists noted that women with this specific hip-to-waist ratio drew men in, regardless of her breast size. Jessica Alba, Marilyn Monroe and Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio were deemed to have the “perfect” body by the men participating in this particular project.”

Yeah, yeah,yeah, our husbands should love us for our inner beauty. But when he makes love to you he’s not loving your inner beauty, he’s making love to your body and that my dear is all about the pleasures of the flesh. And I don’t mean the extra amount hanging on your belly.

Now I don’t claim to be an expert on men, but I do know this. If you have a husband (or want a husband) who is from a western country, ever spent time in a western country, or even a watching American TV and movies then he’s been exposed to the western idea of beauty. That is a woman who is hourglass shape with smooth, toned body. That doesn’t mean she has to be a size zero. That means no matter what size she is she needs to maintain a healthy weight and keep her body fit. Even men who like “big girls” don’t want “sloppy fat”.

If you live in a western country and your husband ever leaves the house for any reason then he sees, half dressed non-Muslim women every single day, who are attractive and seductive. Then he comes home to a beautiful Muslim wife… in a sweat suit claiming she has to be comfortable to vacuum the floor and change a diaper. And like a God loving man, he probably doesn’t say anything because we have somehow perpetuated this myth that a Muslim man is somehow less holy if he wants to see his wife in something sexy. Even worse, we have perpetuated an even bigger myth that wanting to be sexy is somehow haram, or imitating the non-Muslim. “HOGWASH, HOGWASH, HOGWASH”

Being sexy is an essential part to being a woman. There is nothing haram about embracing your femininity, feeling desired, and wanting to be wanted. These things are not contradictory to be a Muslim woman, they are in fact the very foundation of our principles of modesty. We teach our girls to cover because “Allah said so” when in fact the commandment to cover is not without reason or foundation. Once a Muslim woman understands and embraces the beauty, sexual power and strength of her femininity then she better understands why covering her physical beauty is that much more important. She knows that withholding the power of her sensuality, allows the power of her mind and her personality to shine that much brighter. You cannot know the full essence of being a Muslim woman until you get to know all the powers we hold.

I heard Sheik Muhammad Said Adly say in a lecture, “The Muslim woman in public should be the most pious woman in the world but in private with her husband she should be worse than the non-Muslim women”. I for one believe he hit it right on the head. In the privacy of our home we should be the epitome of our husbands’ desires, satisfying his spiritual, emotional AND physical needs. We need to get off our butts and make the effort to lose weight and get in shape to make his life easier and more pleasurable.

We quote all these Hadiths about pleasing our husbands when they suit us. But when we don’t want to pass by the Hogendaz aisle then we have selective memory. We want to please our husbands until it means we have sacrifice our time, energy or effort on anything that we don’t want to do, like exercise or diet. I for one feel sorry for the man who has to come home everyday to find his wife in a sweat suit, Abaya or her “comfortable” clothes. I feel even sorrier for the woman he’s coming home to, because she has not gotten over herself to think about her husband.

The bottom line is this. All Muslim women need to get in shape for their husbands or future husbands. Muslim women should embrace their sexuality and learn the art of seduction. Because it is with these two things that we will help our husbands lower their gaze and guard their modesty even more. Yes every Muslim woman should have a pair of “skinny” jeans because they are a reminder how fit or fat you are. And every Muslim wife shouldtreat her husband to watching her fold clothes, vacuum the floor and washing dishes in her skinny jeans. — And if it’s a girl, name her Mubarakah J

May Allah forgive me if I said anything wrong and guide us all to the suratal mustakeen – Ameen

Addressing the Need For Women’s Banking Services in the Muslim World

Throughout the Muslim world, banks and financial institutions have experienced a significant rise in their number of female customers in recent years. The number of banks and investment companies created specifically for women has skyrocketed across the Middle East. Estimated to control around $246 billion of the region’s wealth (projected to hit $383 billion by 2011) , women in the Middle East are regarded today by international banks as financial powerhouses.

The recent rise in this market can be attributed to the increasing role of Muslim women in the workplace. Responsible for controlling household and family finances for decades, women have also experienced new empowerment and freedom in how they spend their money. With new opportunities for education on the rise and more and more women entering the workforce, women have become crucial target customers to the financial industry. Banks can tap into this growing market by providing banking services to their growing number of female customers and by training their sales and customer service personnel to better sell and service this important customer segment.

The Role of Women in the Muslim World
It is not a new concept for Muslim women to be in control of the family finances, but now they are empowered to step out of the home, cash in hand. They have money to spend and invest and they are looking for the same opportunities made available to men. A 2007 study by the International Finance Corporation, an arm of the World Bank, found that a third of women-owned enterprises in the United Arab Emirates generated over $100,000 a year, compared to only 13% of American women-owned firms.

Women on the Home Front
Today, many Muslim women have significant liquid assets, partly because of Islamic inheritance law. Islamic law dictates that a married woman’s wealth is her own; spending on the household is her husband’s responsibility. Muslim women are legally entitled to inherit and bequeath property, holding their wealth in their own names even after marriage, without obligation to contribute that wealth to their husband or their family.

Because Muslim women do not have to rely on their husbands as their only source of funds for domestic and household purchases, they have traditionally managed most aspects of household finance. Today, women throughout the Muslim world play an even more active role in the financial transactions of their families, giving them more of a say in terms of purchasing power and decision-making authority. With these responsibilities, women require banking services that both understand their needs and can help them to manage the challenges they face in making the best financial decisions for their families.

Women in the Workforce
Throughout the Muslim world, women are entering the workforce and even starting their own businesses now more than ever. According to recent reports, women currently run about 16,390 businesses. In recent years, women have slowly become more accepted in the workplace and have even come to occupy senior government posts, including ministerial appointments and executive positions in the private sector. Once regarded as delicate beings that need to be protected, Muslim women today are being empowered to seek financial independence.

In 2009, Financial News released its annual list of the 100 most influential women in finance and for the first time, four Middle Eastern women were among the names included. Chosen for their profound impact and exemplary leadership in their industry, these women represent the gender shift in this part of the world. Haliza Abd Rahim, head of project management for BMB Islamic UK, leads a team that oversees $10 billion of assets for some of the Middle East’s wealthiest families. Maha Al-Ghunaim is chairman of Global Investment House, the leading asset management and investment banking companies in the GCC and the wider Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regions. Soha Nashaat, head of Middle East, North Africa and Turkey for Barclay’s Wealth, of the UK-based Barclay’s Group, has been building Barclay Wealth’s Dubai hub since 2006, becoming one of the major wealth management recruiters in the GCC in 2009. Nahed Taher cofounded Gulf One Investment Bank in 2005, making her the first woman to head a bank in Saudi Arabia.

Identifying Women’s Needs
As women continue to manage their financial responsibility and independence throughout the Muslim world, the need for new and specific banking products and services for this market has also emerged. Forced to wait in line with men in many male-operated financial institutions for decades, women throughout the Muslim world now seek a private, personal and comfortable banking environment. Women today enjoy financial institutions that cater to their unique needs and offer enhanced, targeted, financially compelling, and more personalized services than they have ever experienced before, such as credit cards and loans.

Banks can cater to this market by offering women extra privacy in their financial affairs and a more relaxed atmosphere in which they can discuss their needs. Banks can create exclusive areas within their branches that enable women to carry out their banking transactions with greater comfort and privacy. Banks can also attract new customers by offering women additional benefits, including exclusive health privileges at renowned hospitals and health clubs, and shopping discounts with special privileges at select stores for perfumes, clothing, accessories, books, and much more. Financial institutions truly dedicated to expanding services to women will open female-only branches.

Financial institutions can also reach this lucrative demographic by employing more women. Many Muslim women would prefer to discuss their financial affairs with another woman who understands their concerns through personal experience. An entire staff-tellers, bankers, wealth managers, branch managers-made up of women would be welcomed by their female-only clientele.

While women-only financial institutions have been in existence for decades, this is a new initiative for many institutions. The transition will require time and education. The most effective way for banks throughout the Muslim world to reach this growing market is to implement a top quality training program, customized to the needs of women. A training program will help all employees at a bank to become familiar with this growing demographic and understand the importance of being sensitive to the needs of these new customers. A well-educated staff will prove to their clients that the bank is aware of the impact of women throughout the Muslim world and is ready for a change.

Additionally, a training program will teach bank employees how to successfully communicate with their female customers while providing outstanding sales and service. Learning professional customer services skills will help employees listen to their customers’ needs and answer any questions, helping their female customers to feel relaxed and confident in their banking experience. Through training, employees also will become familiar with the products and services available for their female customers, such as current account, savings accounts, investment accounts, credit cards, auto finance, real estate and much more. Most importantly, employees will learn how to sell these products; following proper policy and procedure, protecting themselves, their banks, and their female clients.

Final Word
The shifting role of Muslim women in their homes and in the working world provides a new market for financial institutions. In order to tap into this growing segment of the financial industry, banks need to understand the unique banking needs of this vital customer segment and implement a sound training program to best sell and service them. Through training, banks can build a knowledgeable, professional and sensitive staff that is prepared to serve women throughout the Muslim world as this market continues to grow.

Christians and Jews and Muslims, Oh My!

“The United States of America is the only country in history to have defined itself as Judeo-Christian,” according to, which goes on to say, “That is why American coins feature these two messages: ‘In G-d we trust’ and ‘Liberty.’ “

I think the first statement above is untrue and the second, meant to distinguish us from Christian European nations, is a non-sequitur not logically derived from the first.

The “definition” of America as “Judeo-Christian” has a fairly recent history advanced by those who wish it were so. Trusting in a “Christian God” as well as believing in liberty were foundational concepts of our Revolution and in the establishment of our Constitution and are certainly not attributable to any Jewish influence.

Granted, the Founding Fathers were well aware of the Jewish heritage and of Christianity’s relationship to that heritage and many, including Franklin, Jefferson, and Madison, were Deists or dabblers in Deism. Deism, the popular monotheistic, religious fad of the Age of Enlightenment held that God was some detached “Supreme Architect” of the universe rather than an involved Supreme Being, a Prime Mover not a personal God.

Point is, none of the Founders ever referred to the new nation they created as Judeo-Christian. They all knew their Bible well, both Old and New Testaments, and were fundamentally Christians; Jefferson even wrote “The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth.”

This is all relevant today, two and a quarter centuries later, as our president, an ambivalent Christian at best, is suspected of being a closet Muslim. If that in fact is true, he’s covered his tracks well, getting married and having his daughters christened in an ostensibly Christian church and, when his popularity plummetted and mid-term elections loomed, actually attending a D.C. church service.

Whether his trusty teleprompter was in the repair shop or he just felt flush from his recent bamboozling of the American people, Mr. Obama went to Muslim Turkey six months after his election and disabused the Turks and the world and America’s 225 million Christians of the notion that America was any longer a Christian nation.

Somewhere, somehow, along the way from 1776 to April 2009, we had evolved into something else while no one was looking, according to Obama.

Reiterating views he had expressed before his official candidacy, Obama said in Ankara that we Americans “do not consider ourselves a Christian nation, or a Muslim nation, but rather a nation of citizens who are, uh, bound by a set of values.”

Oh, really? That was a peculiar declaration by any standard.

First, Obama had taken to himself the right to speak on behalf of all America and say what “we” consider ourselves. He was elected, not anointed and not entitled to make such wild declarations in contradiction of America’s history and demography.

Second, he incorporated Muslims, 2% of Americans, in his grand proclamation, thereby omitting other religious minorities, including that other 2%, Jews.

Third, he set the parameters of our beliefs, as he saw them, by some broad and vague “set of values,” instead of delineating those values. They couldn’t be Christian values since we were no longer a Christian nation so whose set of values were they?

Here’s a news flash for Barack Hussein Obama: America is STILL a Christian nation, not a Christian-Muslim nation, not a Judeo-Christian nation but a plain old Christian nation.

John L. Lollipop in an article on titled, “America Not Christian? Great State of Texas Begs to Differ,” thinks otherwise.

Texas, which buys more textbooks than any other state, has put textbook publishers on notice: Stow the politically correct crap and construct texts that reflect truth and reality and not the pro-Islamic, anti-Christian, anti-American half truths prevalent today in textbooks! (

As a Texan might say, “It ain’t for nothin’ that our unofficial motto is ‘Don’t Tread on Me!’ ” Another Texan might say, “What’s a ‘Judeo-Christian?’ “

Immigrants and Converts Responsible for Muslim Terror Violence in the West

When we think of terrorist assaults, we visualize hate spitting imams or a serene Osama Bin Laden in front of us; we think of Palestine, Syria, Iran, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. However, as you will see below, this is a very wrong representation of the facts. Although the people and countries that are mentioned are pulling the strings, the real danger is coming from another side.

According to Robert S. Leiken’s “Bearers of Global Jihad? Immigration and National Security after 9/11”, Muslim immigrants have carried out 86% of all major terrorist attacks; converts to Islam executed the remaining acts of violence. The Oklahoma City bombing of 1995 is the only exception. We can conclude that in our Western countries, jihad has grown mainly by way of Muslim immigration.

Two methods have been employed for the execution of violent acts against the West: “the sleeper cell” and the “hit squad”.

Hit squads: these are foreign nationals who enter the country with a specific assignment, such as the 9/11 hijackers.

Sleeper cells: consist of unsuspicious people quietly living in immigrant communities. They work, they have kids, they have studied, are polite, they have fixed addresses, they pay the rent; in other words, they act as exemplary citizens.

The lifestyle of Muslim immigrants in Western Europe and the United States is significantly different.

In Europe, the Muslim second generation is culturally alienated, socially marginalized, and economically unemployed, with raging fundamental ideologies and terrorism (gang rapes, anti-Semitic attacks and anti-American violence).

In the United States, immigrated Muslims are not as alienated as the European Muslim immigrants are. Consequently, jihadist violence is here carried out by hit squads from abroad.

Opposite to expectation, terrorists do not come from countries like Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia or Egypt, for the simple reason that the leaders of the terrorist organizations are not brainless and try to stay away from special attention and extra scrutiny. Recruiting predominantly happens in Europe and countries under the Visa Waiver Program.

In Israel, the situation is as follows: according the Israeli Intelligence (Mossad), Hezbollah has seldom attempted to gain access to Israel, restricting its operations to the Israeli-occupied security zone in south Lebanon. Mossad has however, indications that Hezbollah’s military wing has started recruiting European converts to Islam to carry out terrorist attacks against targets in Israel. Terrorists have found out that Europeans can move around in Israel more easily than Arabs can. Mossad also expects that Hezbollah may be moving its base of operations to Europe in the event it is forced to disarm in accord with Syrian-Israeli peace talks.

An example is Steven Smyrek, a British-educated German, converted to Islam and recruited by Hezbollah for a potential reconnaissance expedition with the aim of bombing targets in Israel followed by a suicide mission (he was caught before he could strap on a bomb).

From what is mentioned above, the West must draw the necessary conclusions:

– Assimilating indigenous Muslim populations is critical to the West’s long-term security.

– Islamist threat in the West originates above all from Europe.

– European and United States security services should recognize they face different problems: one primarily internal, the other mainly external.

– The West should concentrate on immigration systems that keep out sleepers and hit squads.

– For Americans, the Visa Waiver Program must be adjusted or abolished.

– Controlling land borders is a much higher priority than worrying about Iranians and Syrians.

– Europe must urgently stop today’s easy reliance on euphemisms concerning Muslim violence. Political correctness must be put aside and the State’s security must have priority above increase in votes.

It just happened in the Netherlands where thanks to excessive concessions to the Muslim Immigrants, the Socialist Party obtained after the municipal elections, 80% of the immigrant votes and came into power. Thanks to preferential votes, more than eighty Muslims are invested with a seat in the councils. Observing the Dutch result, the Belgian Socialists propose to teach Arabic in the schools and consider to make Arabic the second language (Belgium has already 3 languages, Flemish, French and German). Meanwhile terrorist Erdal escaped under the nose of 32 national security guards.

Salaam Namaste – An American Attempt

Two nations though stand divided but still hold one soul as the slogan of American radio show Salaam Namaste says” Inka salaam unka namaste or hum sab ka …radio Salaam Namaste.” The aim of this radio show is to bring Hindus and Muslims together on a single platform. Thousands of miles away from the Indian and the Pakistani subcontinent, a radio station in the United States is striving to be a bridge between Pakistanis and Indians kept apart by old animosities.

A lot of Hindus and Muslims both from Pakistan and India have migrated to America. In a country far from their own homes and far different from their own cultures, both the communities crave for a homely feeling. SALAAM NAMASTE extends its voice and tries to blend the communities giving them a homely flavor. The station says that its goal is to bring the highest quality of Indian and Pakistani and other sub continental music to immigrants who miss home.

Programs played in this radio station range from bollywood tunes, Punjabi songs and classic hindi ballads to talk shows on small business and women’s rights, and prayers from the mosque and temple. Both Indian and Pakistani jockeys work at the station that caters to the south Asian community in north Texas.

Hats off to the people who take such initiatives and my heart prays if Hindus and Muslims could ever themselves make such efforts to come together. If every Hindu could extend his hand for a Muslim and every Muslim could embrace a Hindu then ninety nine percent of the tensions which burns both the nations and hurts both the communities would be automatically pacified.

Muslim Dynamics ISI – Osama-bin-Laden (OBL) Nexus

On 09 November 2001, Islamic terrorists had attacked the World Trade Centre (WTC) towers in the USA and the entire structure, which was constructed using millions of tons of steels and concretes, had dissipated in thin air with in a few minutes in front of entire world people’s eyes. The attack had not only shaken the Americans but had also forced the Western Nations to view emerging Islamic Fundamentalist and Terrorists Threat (IFTT) to the world Peace at the transnational levels. Why Islamic terrorists had roasted 3037 innocent civilians alive would never be known to the kith and Kin of dead people? Is Pakistan a Terrorist State?

Anyhow, I feel that the attack on USA soil was with the twin aim of one, demonstrating Muslim terrorists resolve to resist USA hegemony; and the second to convey a message to the Western Nations that terrorist can strike at every place on the earth at will. President Bush’s efforts in post WTC attack had forged a unity amongst the Western nations to fight the menace of International Islamic Terrorism (IIT). I would say that till 9/11/01, all the previous US Government’s were immune to the pains, sufferings and miseries of victims of ISI premeditated and executed frequent terrorist’s attacks in India. Though, US foreign policy makers were very faintly acknowledging Indians cries against Pakistani sponsored terrorism; but they had continuously maintained double standard policy towards curbing Pakistan. I am still sure that WTC attack could not have be carried out without intricate knowledge and planning of notorious ISI Agency of Pakistan. The urgency with which President Bush Junior had spelled out USA’s intention to bring perpetrators of WTC 9/11/01 attack to justice, had still remained a remote dream of US even today. Though the Bush administration had been able to garner world leaders’ opinion against terrorism, but USA had miserably herself failed in all field of curtailing terrorism at international level and to bring Osama-bin-Laden (OBL) to justice. What to talk about capturing and punishing, the US entire war machinery could not even come to know where about of OBL till date. OBL is believed to be very much alive under ISI protégé in the safe heavens of NWFPA areas in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s Cantankerous Game victims: India and USA

Why has USA so far failed to capture Osama-bin-Laden?

Reply to my question is hidden in the Government of India’s (GOI) repeated attempts of exposing Pakistan’s notorious ISI-OBL-Dawood trio international terrorists links and ISI role in exporting international terrorists from Pakistan terrorists producing factories running from various Madarssas. ISI knows that US can do nothing without their help; therefore, the Pakistan government is playing double game both with India and US. While Pakistan had convinced, the US leaderships that she is training foreign terrorists to fight Jihad in Kashmir; but actually ISI is stealthy smuggling out foreign terrorists trained in those camps to Afghanistan and Iraq to fight against US and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation nation’s forces. Why ISI had chosen Afghan-Pakistan border areas as safe heaven for OBL is very evident from ISI infamous design of playing double standard game with USA. ISI is very sure that USA will never be able to apprehend fugitive OBL without Pakistan help, therefore, the entire Pakistani government machinery is making all out efforts to milk billions and trillions of US dollars before either OBL dies his natural death or is about to die. ISI hawks know that if USA is able to locate OBL by any chance, the Pakistan Government would force him to crossover to Afghanistan to clean Pakistan bloody linens. I am still sceptical that ISI would handover mortal remains of Osama to desperate USA leadership to gain home face savings victory. US policy makers know that Islamic Terrorism cannot be fought without Pakistani support; therefore, all their foreign policies in South East Asia are Pakistan centric. While Pakistan is trying to milk US maximum on one side, she is orchestrating fight against foreign terrorists settled permanently in NWFP hill areas on the other. These foreign terrorists are actually those Jihadies who were enrolled to fight Jihad in the world anywhere.

While Pakistan is trying to contain terrorism on her soil using Army; she wants Indian government to resolve through dialogue and peaceful means in Kashmir. ISI is training, feeding, arming and providing all logistic support to Indian terrorists hiding in Pakistan. ISI does not allow any US military observer to visit Terrorists Training Camps (TTC) in Pakistan Occupied Poonch and Kashmir (POPK) to keep the number of foreign terrorists being trained suspicious so that Pakistan could stealthily smuggle out most of the foreign trained terrorists to Afghanistan and Iraq to fight Jihad against US only.

IIT Training Factories in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Sudan

USA and Western Nations should understand that until unless international terrorists manufacturing and exporting factories set up in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sudan and Ethiopia are not completely dismantled and destroyed, the world cannot be freed from IIT. Indian intelligence agencies have listed nearly 34 TTC in POPK to fight covert war in Kashmir. Infact, it is the ISI design to continue training terrorists in the garb of Kashmir problem overtly and train and supply IIT to other part of the world discreetly. The recent exposure of Multinational ethnic Muslim Terrorists training camp in Muzzaffrabad district of POPK has still not opened US eyes of double cross. I cannot believe that US government is unaware of various TTC setup in Pakistan. I am very sure that all the international terrorists from Kashmir, Bangladesh, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and other Muslim countries are trained to fight Jihad, therefore, terrorists trained in POPK camps are to fight against USA, Britain, Australia, Canada and other non-Islamic nations. ISI is directly routing these IIT to fight Jihad not against India and Israel but against USA and the West. If I understand Pakistani leader’s paycheque well then I will assure the World that it is ISI only which is actually supplying trained terrorists to Taliban in Afghanistan and Al-Qaida in Iraq. It is the agony of fact that ISI is training IIT with funds received from USA to fight against USA and Western countries only.

Fears of President Mohammad Hafiz Karzai of Afghanistan are not baseless. Pakistan is solely responsible for continued unrest in Afghanistan. Karzai had time and again cried ISI links with Taliban and other terrorist’s outfits in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Muslim Fundamentalist Organisations operating from Pakistan are funding Taliban. They are also arranging logistic support for rest and recuperating for injured terrorists and safe heaven for transiting terrorists and their leaders wanted by US. Though the world leaders had acknowledging the role of Pakistan in supporting Taliban in Afghanistan and Al-Qaida in Iraq; but the US officials keep their eyes shut. In addition to Pakistan, a large number of foreign terrorists are entering in Afghanistan which are trained in Bangladesh, Taliban controlled areas in Afghanistan and Sudan. The US own intelligence agencies had revealed that a large numbers of Al-Qaida terrorists, who are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, are being trained in Sudan as well.

Why USA is closing her eyes towards the future rising Islamic Terrorists and Fundamentalists threat to the world peace is not known; but the attack on US citizens’ world over would certainly increase in the coming years ahead.

Is Pakistan a Rogue State?

Pakistan was born as a rogue state, she is a rogue State and she would remain as a rogue state said Sri Jagannath BA in 1965 after first Indo-Pak war while addressing a small school children assembly in Village Piplia on 26 January 1966 AD. I feel that until unless ISI is ruling and Pakistan continued to ascertain his dominant role in Islamic world, there are remote chances of world peace. Pakistan cannot compete with Saudi Arabia in anyway due to hardliner fanatics and fundamentalist’s control of Mosques and Madarssas.

World Peace: Prerequisites

The Prophet had founded Islam to bring unity, universal brotherhood, equality and peace amongst his followers preaching to take arms only to defend and not to wage war other religions. However, Muslim followers had taken on the responsibility of spreading Islam on themselves using Sword and world had become the battlefield of newly founded Islam and old traditional Christianity. While Islam had spread using sword rapidly, the Christianity took nearly fifteen centuries to reach other corners of the World. Though Prophet had never propagated spreading Islam using sword but his follower with vested interest had become saviour of Islam. The Muslim fundamentalists and self proclaimed Islamic leaders had followed violence to suppress followers which is still continuing unabated. If Islamic religious leaders do not visualise and comprehend the future needs of Muslim people, then there would never be lasting peace on the planet Earth.

I feel that world can never witness peace until unless:-

One; Islamic clergy reviews, redefine or remove the world Kaffir or Infidel or Non-Muslims from their religious scripture from ‘The Holy Quran’

Two; Muslims bring equality amongst both sexes human life that is male and female or man and woman. How can there be peace; where four women evidences are equated with one man evidence.

Three; there is a basic inevitability for Islamic scholars, clergy and intelligentsia to sit and review the way of Muslims life with changing technologies and advancement of science in human life. I feel that until unless:-

• Islamic scholars review their way of leading social life within the modified scope of Hadit (Rule of Prophet Life) and Shriyaya (Way of leading life like Prophet) is followed religiously. My study on over a thousand Muslim families in rural and urban areas had revealed that ninety five percent Muslims do not follow five dictates of the Prophet daily. Most of them feel that there is a need for Islamic clergy and intelligentsia to review the Hadit and Shriyaya with change of time and bring changes suiting modern way of life and better living standards.

• Fundamentalists bring a drastic change in their outlook in imparting basic Islamic Teachings. I have visited hundreds of Islamic Madarssas where the fundamentalists only teach and spread hatred, hatred and hatred against Kaffirs. Muslim tender mind day breaks after reciting the basic teachings of the Holy Quran, and ends after injecting highly poisonous and hatred filled education hatred towards Kaffirs, the Infidels. Each and every Madarssas in Pakistan is producing hardcore Islamic fanatics who have only understood the basic difference between Muslims, the believers and the Kaffirs unbelievers that all Kaffir Males are enemy of Muslims, therefore, they had to be eliminated. This is the truth of Islamic nations Madarssas which our future generations had to face and live.

• The pure Islamic nations have to take lead in educating other Muslim nations to spread peaceful and Positive teachings of “the Holy Quran” as Christians have done after reading ‘the Holy Bible’. Let the God and his messenger, ‘the Prophet’ do the punishing of Kaffirs, sinners and others and not the fanatics.

• Muslims stop killings of animals through Halal. Every Muslim male grows with the basic Psychological Mental Imbalance Disorder Syndrome of Cruelty (PMIDSC), therefore, the cruelty and sycophancy grow his strong character traits thus developing and harbouring the Basic Instinct of Cruelty and Brutality (BICB). This PMIDSC instinct had taken the shape of hatred against Kaffirs when imparted as education in fundamentalists controlled Madarssas.

Four; Muslims should stop considering uncontrolled growing population not by the will of God but due to their lust. Every years birth of a newly born child is attributed to the will of the God and not own sexual lust. I had lived with a Muslim couple in Sri Lanka who had thirty children. He had fifteen sons, nine daughters alive and six sons and nine daughters sleeping in the graveyard. If Muslims continue to carryout unprotected intercourses regularly, the biological process had to commence. The poverty, crime, social instability, increasing unemployment, falling life standards and hatred towards rich are the true cause of increasing population evil. If Muslims stop considering woman the tilth their population could be controlled, thereby, raising their leaving standards. Infact Pakistan and Bangladesh being Muslim Nations had recorded minus population growth in their census. Even now days, most of the well to do Muslim families had only two to three children. However, Muslim clergies and fundamentalist exhort poor Muslims to continue procreating children for Islamic cause.

A happy family makes happy society and happy society the Happy Nation and the happy world.

Five; there is an urgent need of comprehensive efforts to develop Muslim nations and areas world over. However, such development can only be restricted to a well planned, people controlled and educated society, otherwise, this unending cycle of improvement in leaving standards would be negated with manifold growth of population. India is the living hell on earth where every strata of society is being given equal opportunities but the system is still rotting. What is actually happening that when the Indian government is offering jobs to present hundred people of a particular society, another thousand surface a year later. How could then, the leaving standards of such poverty ridden people be raised? How could standards of those people raised who do not themselves contribute towards their own social growth? A normal average Muslim family strength in India is above six or seven and the world six.

Future Islamic Nation’s Challenges

My thirty years of study and research has revealed that there are numerous basic social and traditional differences within Muslim society. While liberal Muslims are ready to accept changes in the society with modern time and space, the fundamentalists are not ready to accept any deviation from the Prophet’s Hadit and Shriyaya. I feel that if Muslims do not change with the changing times, there would be large scales unrest, violation, and anarchy world over. Muslim intelligentsia has to consider open and liberal religious policy outside the Holy Quran and leave a breathing space for other religious ethnicity. I would discuss various issues which world leaders had to think about while dealing with Muslims in future;

Muslims in Sports

He did not receive the same messages from reading scripture that the white Christians did. “The Black Muslims themselves see Islam as the Black man’s logical progression from the way the white man taught to a faith that is his own.” Muhammad Ali valiantly promoted the Nation of Islam and is the second largest Muslim influence ever behind Malcolm X. Ali’s message came across so powerful because he was actually living the lifestyle like he was promoting. Ali will always be remembered for what he could do in the ring but there was so much more substance to him. He studied scripture with passion and was very well spoken. This contradicted the stereotypes of African-Americans and is the reason why Ali had so much influence.

Since the days of Muhammad Ali, countless African-American athletes have risen to the top of professional sports. With each passing year the increased media coverage places more and more scrutiny on the athletes. Along with the media attention comes more power and responsibility for the youth. This can be used for both good and evil. Many athletes have chosen the path of promoting their religion but others have fallen into a trap. That trap is behaving in a way that does not project a positive view on the African-American community. This can happen in countless ways but Tiger Woods is probably the best modern day example. The immense influence of modern day African-American athletes is not always positive but if you pay attention, underneath the negative buzz you will find highly spiritual people.

Muslim Jihadists And The Ku Klux Klan

A recent post on Facebook showed a picture of present-day Muslim extremist fighters in their black veiled Arab dress, and a picture of Ku Klux Klan members in their conical hats, robes and masks. It posed the question: as no-one thinks the Ku Klux Klan is representative of Christians, why do so many people think the jihadists are representative of Muslims? The juxtaposition of these two pseudo-fascist groups is interesting. While it may convey the message of the danger of associating many with the crimes of a few, it also raises questions about fundamental differences between the two groups.

There can be no doubt about the fundamentally religious nature of the jihadist movement in Islam. With a long and contiguous history from the writings of Sayyid Qutb in the 1950s, through Ayman al-Zawahiri’s al-Jihad and the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt, to Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida and the Islamic State, there has been a constant call to restore Islam to the pristine condition of the time of the Prophet. The stated goal is to see the whole world administered as an Islamic state under Sharia Law.

By comparison, the aims and objectives of the Ku Klux Klan seem trivial and parochial. In their three manifestations since the late 1860s, they have focussed their anger first against black Americans freed from slavery, then in the 1920s against Jews and Catholics and more recently against the Civil Rights Movement. Their scope was American rather than global and their motivation was racist rather than religious. Nobody, not even themselves, ever thought of the KKK as representing the whole of Christianity, or promoting a new world order based on the parables of the New Testament.

While virtually all American Christian denominations have officially denounced the KKK, numerous radical imams preach support for jihad, and Moslem masses in many Middle Eastern countries fill the streets in celebration of what they see as the victories of al Qaida and ISIS. In short, while most Christians certainly oppose the KKK, the jihadists enjoy widespread support amongst Moslems. While the Ku Klux Klan proved capable of disturbing the peace in some states of the USA, the jihadists have succeeded in spreading their terror to most major countries, including Russia, China, India, the USA, France, the UK and Australia.

Although support for jihad has been described as widespread, it is still a minority aspiration and should rightly not be ascribed to all Moslems. To preserve this sense of balance, the comparison of the jihadists with the KKK may be useful. But outside of the USA the Ku Klux Klan is regarded as a purely American manifestation and ridiculed rather than feared, whereas the jihadist threat spreads serious concern in every land.