Muslim Mahdi and Biblical Anti Christ

Everything the Muslims prophecy about their Mahdi mirrors the Biblical Anti-Christ.

Muslim revolutions in Libya, Yemen, and Bahrain grab world headlines, and Morocco is quietly undergoing what its prime minister has called “a peaceful revolution.”

The Muslim Brotherhood is quietly, completely destroying every Arab empire that has close ties with Washington.

The Muslims are anxiously awaiting their Savior of the world, the Mahdi!

You will see that it is more than mere coincidence that the Mahdi and the Anti-Christ will both have a 7-year reign, will unite the enemies of Israel and attack Israel, will require the mark of the Beast (the arm-band and/or headband), and have such a hatred for Israel and America.

The number “666″ of the Bible in Revelation 13:18 is not a literal word for word translation. Rather it is 3 strange characters. The first looks like the crossed swords found on many Muslim renderings. The second is a giant capital E with a swirly top. When turned sideways, it is the name for the Muslim god Allah. The third is an ancient character meaning “in the name of.” Translated, it could easily say, Conquer in the name of Allah.

The Anti-Christ will not be revealed until the rapture of the Church occurs, so all speculation as to who he is becomes vain and useless. However, the events in the Arab world since the beginning of 2011 make it seem very suspicious. We know that the Bible is true. We know that the Anti-Christ will come. We know that he will befriend Israel, and then turn against them. We know that Jesus will come again and destroy this enemy of God and cast him into the bottomless pit. Praise God.

I have often wondered who could possibly have so much hatred for Israel and for the United States? I have wondered who would be-head all infidels that do not convert. I have wondered why the millions of this world would bow to the anti-Christ and receive a mark on their head and hand. None of the answers I have come up with seem to make any sense except for a Muslim leader that the Muslim masses have been waiting for suddenly appears on the scene… Whoa Boy! Look out! What a bloodbath would ensue. God help us!

Of all the forms of execution that the Bible prophesied about concerning the antichrist, why does it specify be-heading? That is not a western or American concept at all. There is only one people and religion that promotes that form.