A True Muslim Heart

True Muslims are warm, loving people who have totally surrendered their hearts to the will of Creator. They adhere to a religion called “Islam,” a word that means “submission.” Like Native American traditionals, being Muslim is more than just a religion–it is a way of life. But is this way of life in harmony with Christianity? Read on and choose for yourself.

There has been much negative connotation associated with the word “Muslim” in our Western culture. Granted, there are those in Islam who desire to kill or terrorize, but that is not true Muslim. Terrorists are actually radical, counterfeit Muslims. They may call themselves Muslim, but they have gone astray. They have obviously not surrendered to Creator, who is a Spirit of unconditional love.

I had a beautiful experience recently that validated to me that “Muslim” is precious to Creator.

I was returning home from a trip, and had stopped at a gas station to fill up. As I enered the station to pay for my gas, a young, heavy set black man entered from the other door, and approached the cashier ahead of me. As I walked up and stopped behind him in line, I heard him asking the cashier if they had his gas cap. He had apparently left it there the day before when he had stopped for gas.

The cashier rather uncertainly said, “Yes, I did see it here last night.” As she fumbled around looking for it, she apologized, “But I don’t see it here now.”

As she continued searching for it, I thought, don’t look for it now lady–not while people are standing in line to pay for their gas. Then I thought, I think I have an extra gas cap in my tool box, maybe I could give him that one. But just as quickly I realized that gas caps are pretty car type dependent, and I figured it was very unlikely that he had the same car as mine.

Then I heard the cashier continue, “Maybe you could come back tomorrow, and I’ll keep looking. Then you can pick it up when you come back, if I can find it.”

I thought anxiously, appreciatively, yes, yes, that’s the way to go. Have him come back, and look when you don’t have people waiting. I really felt sorry for the young man, and I wanted him to have a gas cap, however, I also wanted to pay for my gas and be on my way.

I was standing there contemplating these things as the young man wrote a check to pay for his gas, when suddenly he turned around. He had the most beautiful smile, and his face just glowed. He asked, “Are you Muslim?”

He radiated love and warmth like I have never experienced from any other person. I was completely taken by surprise, and responded hesitantly, “Well, actually, I’m no religion, but I do believe what the Muslims believe.”

I assumed he thought I was Muslim because my headdress looked like it could have been worn by a Muslim woman. However, I now realize that I am Muslim, I just do not practice the Muslim religion. Anyone who has surrendered totally to Creator is “Muslim.” I am one of two prophesied witnesses sent by Creator. He has called me to help make people aware that He is Father of all religions where the adherents truly worship Him.

I will always treasure the picture of the young man backing out the door of the gas station. He continued to smile at me, and his face just glowed with love. I got the distinct impression he didn’t want to leave my presence, and I felt like his love had wrapped itself around me like a wonderful warm blanket. It was awesome! Very strange!

Yet, that was only the beginning. As I got into my truck and closed the door, my truck cab filled with Creator’s overwhelming presence, His wonderful unconditional love, and then I heard the words “True Muslim heart.”

Then I knew. Creator had sent this young man to me. I didn’t know if he had been an angel, but it wouldn’t have surprised me one iota. In any case, I knew Creator wanted me to understand the unconditional love, joy, and purity, that IS a true Muslim heart!

It was beautiful, and I basked in the warmth and love of Creator’s presence for several hours as I continued to drive. I knew then that “Muslim” was of Creator’s doing, and that a “true Muslim heart” gives Him a great deal of pleasure.

What could be more beautiful than a heart totally surrendered to the will of Creator–a true Muslim heart? It is like the heart of an angel, a heart filled with love–a pure heart. I remembered the words of Jesus when he taught that only the pure in heart will see God.

Muslims believe the teachings of Jesus as well as the teachings of Muhammad. They believe there is only one Supreme God that all mankind must worship, and their name for Him is “Allah.” They believe Allah sent a messenger named “Muhammad” with spiritual truth. He upheld the teachings of Jesus.

Muslims claim to be spiritual descendants of Abraham. They bow in worship, just as the Hebrews of old, prostrating themselves to the ground. They do this five times a day. This is all beautiful. We must remember that anything that is offered to Creator that He accepts, becomes holy. We must not desecrate that which Creator has consecrated.

Muslims have five basic pillars of their religion which make it a daily, living walk with Creator. They must exercise faith in Creator always, pray a minimum of five times a day, (obligatory prayers called salaah) give charity, fast, and perform a pilgrimage called the “Hajj,” if possible. The first four pillars are relatively self-explanatory, but the Hajj might not be understood by someone not familiar with Islam.

Millions may take part in this pilgrimage each year. The rituals of the Hajj include traveling to Mecca. The pilgrims journey to the Ka’bah, a cubicle shrine in Mecca, believed to have been built by Abraham. They circle this sacred shrine seven times. Then they walk between the mountains of Safaa and Marwah seven times, as Hagar did when she was searching for water. Then the pilgrims stand in a group and pray, asking Creator for forgiveness. This is thought to be an analogy of what the Day of Judgment will be like. A festival marks the end of the Haj.

Muslim faith runs deep. They believe the teachings of Muhammad and Jesus, and the greatest desire of true Muslims is to live these teachings.

They believe their religion, Islam, is a universal religion, and a way of peace. It is a religion that is not tied to any particular people, but truly describes any person who has totally surrendered his will to the will of Creator. Aside from “man made” doctrines and rituals, any person who has thus submitted to the will of Creator is truly Muslim.

Islam teaches that all people are born with some light–an innate knowledge of Creator. That we all have a natural tendency toward worship of the Supreme God, and we are equipped with all the knowledge we need at birth to fulfill this worship. It is natural, and Islam is a natural religion.

Islam teaches that their religion is one of the heart, of conviction. It is a way of life. And as we all walk in harmony with Creator, Mother Earth, and all of creation, may we honor the Muslim faith as they also walk in the spiritual teachings of Jesus.

Muslims And Christians: Why Are They Fighting Each Other And How Can Peace Be Established?

Since the events of September 11th, 2001 The Muslim world, Muslims in general and the religion of Islam have been put in the spotlight. Certain ones in the mainstream media have painted a picture which would give the impression that Muslims have an inherent axe to grind against the followers of Christ (Christian Brothers and Sisters).

As with any religion you have to judge Islam by its teachings and not by its adherents, who may or may not be living up to the tenets of their faith. Let’s look first at what the Qur’an, the scripture of the Muslims, has to say regarding Muslims and Christians.

“Surely those who believe, and those who are Jews, and the Christians, and the Sabians, whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day and does good, they have their reward with their Lord, and there is no fear for them, nor shall they grieve.” (Qur’an 2:62)

The Qur’an says Muslims and Christians are supposed to be great friends.

“And thou wilt find the nearest in friendship to the believers(Muslims) to be those who say, We are Christians. That is because there are priests and monks among them and because they are not proud.” (Qur’an 5:82)

The Qur’an doesn’t forbid friendship with a person because of their religion, but due their actions.

“Allah forbids you not respecting those who fight you not for religion, nor drive you forth from your homes, that you show them kindness and deal with them justly. Surely Allah loves the doers of justice.

Allah forbids you only respecting those who fight you for religion, and drive you forth from your homes and help (others) in your expulsion, that you make friends of them; and whoever makes friends of them, these are the wrongdoers.” (Qur’an 60:8-9)

The Qur’an gives a Muslim man the permission to marry a woman from the book (Bible) if she and he are following the true principles of their religion. Marriage is the closest relationship, yet Muslims and Christians can come together under this exception to the rule of a Muslim marrying another Muslim.

“And so are the chaste from among the believing women and the chaste from among those who have been given the Book before you, when you give them their dowries, taking (them) in marriage, not fornicating nor taking them for paramours in secret.” (Qur’an 5:5)

I hope this establishes that from a scriptural Quranic basis there is no promotion for Muslims fighting against Christians for religious reasons alone.

Now if the Qur’an doesn’t teach anti-Christian teachings how has it come that some Muslims seem to be and in some cases act hostile towards Christian brothers and sisters, particularly overseas?

My teacher and guide, The Hon. Louis Farrakhan teaches we do not judge a person’s religion by what they SAY, but by what they DO. If we use this yard stick how many of us are truly religious?

Jesus says the same thing in the New Testament… “Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. “You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thistles? “Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. “A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. “Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Therefore by their fruits you will know them” (Matt. 7:15-20).

Jesus further says,

“These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.” (Matt 15:8)

We believe this can refer to the practices of some “European Christians” who have honored Jesus with their mouths, but their hearts and actions have been far from him and who in many cases have acted like wolves in sheep (Christian) clothing.

The “European Christians” stole from and murdered the Indians. The “European Christians” kidnapped and murdered blacks. The “European Christians” as a nation have robbed, raped, deceived, assassinated other leaders, interfered with other governments, etc.

Bishop Desmond Tutu, a Christian, says the following about his European co-religionists…

“When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said “Let us pray.” We closed our eyes. When we opened them, we had the Bible and they had the land.”

Because of these misdeeds by “European Christians” many in the Muslim world, Africa and Asia have a anti Christian attitude not because of Jesus Christ, but because of the evil done in his name. Similar to how Muslims are looked upon as violent, terrorist, anti-American by some due to the misdeed of fellow Muslims. Muslims and Christians are fighting in that part of the world for thousands of years old due to old conflicts and old wounds.

The Hon. Louis Farrakhan recently told Muslims overseas they could learn a lot from looking at the Nation of Islam (aka Black Muslims) in America. We have argued theologically, but we have not physically harmed one Christian brother or sister. We respect the church and Min. Farrakhan goes into churches to preach love, understanding and tolerance between both faiths. The Million Man March (Oct 16th, 1995) had 2/3 Christian attendance and there was nothing but love between Muslims and Christians.

We, in America, have to be an example to the religious world of how to truly walk with Jesus (Christian) and Muhammad (Muslim).

Thank you for reading these few words!



The US Armed Forces and Muslims in Its Ranks

America is a society at the cross roads. At one end, it is being besieged by Muslim radicals who have vowed to destroy the ‘great Satan’ meaning the USA and at the other end a significant number of blacks and a small number of whites have converted to Islam in the USA itself. The fact is that the Muslims as a percentage are the fastest growing community in the USA and the blacks after centuries of subjugation are now asserting themselves and one way they have followed, is by converting to Islam. Remember Cassius Clay converted to Islam 40 years back, to cock a fist at the white Americans.

Wars with Muslim Nations

The United States is involved in wars against the Muslims all over the globe. Though it is not a war against Islam per se, yet most of the opponents of the USA are Muslim Nations. Thus America is embroiled in a war in Afghanistan and is fighting a terrorist movement in Iraq, after the second Gulf war and ouster of Saddam Hussain. Another factor is a militant Iran, Syria and Yemen. Even a fringe in Pakistan led by the Haqqani faction is looking for ways to destabilize America.

Manpower Shortage

In such a scenario there is a need for additional manpower for the US armed forces. With the draft (compulsory military service) a story of the past, the US armed forces are facing man power crunch. To tide over these man power problems, the United States has opened its doors to all races and religions. The result is that sizeable numbers of Muslims have joined the Armed forces. The going was good so long as the USA was not involved in wars with Muslim nations, but once that started, the Muslims in the US armed forces suffered a trauma. They had dual loyalties as Islam is a religion that transcends boundaries.

Muslims in US Armed Forces

After the carnage at Fort Hood where an army Major named Nidal Hussain gunned down 13 of his colleagues as he felt that fighting war against Muslim nations was unjust, the United States army is uneasy. No army can fight a battle if it has an enemy in its own ranks. By that single act the problems in the US army have come to the fore.

There are about 5-7 million Muslims in the USA and their numbers are increasing. The US army has about 10,000 Muslims in its ranks. That’s a small number compared to the overall strength of 1.4 million, but they are enough to create a headache. The army is beset with a problem as some Muslim soldiers detailed for duty in Afghanistan pray as per the Muslim custom five times a day. In a battle situation that becomes a liability. In addition, Muslims want special status during the month of Ramadan. Can the army call a truce and not fight during this period? For that matter can any army do that?

Cases are now coming out that soldiers detailed to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan feel its wrong to fight against their own brothers. Many Muslim soldiers have conscientious objections. There is no solution in sight. An Army sergeant detailed for combat duty in Kuwait against Iraq was so incensed that he threw a grenade and killed 2 officers and injured 14.

These are the cases that come out, but there are thousands who for a fact are not happy to fight their brethren at all. The US army is in a dilemma. Despite assertions by the Chief of staff, the fact is the USA while fighting against Muslim nations will have one hand tied behind its back if Muslim soldiers are in combat missions.

The Future

The Muslims were willing recruits once the USA was fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan, but that is all history. The new breed of converts is more fanatic and feels a brotherhood and don’t want to kill fellow Muslims. The US Armed Forces will have to tide over this problem on its own. How will they do it? Can there be a loyalty test? The freedom enshrined in the US constitution will not allow it, as America is a free society. Perhaps the United States army will in its own way find a solution, but it won’t be easy.

Muslim Terrorists Attack Nice, France: How Will It Affect America’s Battle Against ISIS?

Once again, France has been the victim of a vicious terrorist attack. Once again, intelligence and security agencies failed to uncover the plot as was the case in the buildup to November’s attack on Paris. Once again, France’s government has shown itself unable to keep its citizenry safe. Once again, terrorism has demonstrated its effectiveness as a weapon of war and more so when a country seemingly has no effective countermeasures. Once again, the problem of terrorism is grossly compounded by the influx of Muslim immigrants throughout Europe, especially France, which has the largest number in relation to the entire population of that country–and even to a degree here. President Obama, and Hillary Clinton, too, are intent on bringing in tens of thousands of Muslim immigrants fleeing the war in Syria, despite the advice of caution by those who know the dangers of doing so. “It is who we are!” states President Obama, seemingly oblivious to the inherent dangers of unfettered immigration from the Middle East.

We are reminded of the ever-present threat posed by either directly dispatched terrorists from ISIS particularly, or even the indirect lone wolves acting with the encouragement of ISIS to stay home and wage jihad from there. At this point we do not know which type the July 14 terrorist in Nice was. Regardless, at about 10:30 p.m. on July 14, in the seacoast city of Nice, France, a white box truck made its way towards and turned left onto the Promenade des Anglais just as the fireworks, attracting large crowds numbering well into the thousands, were ending. The driver was French-Tunisian, an immigrant from that country holding a French residency card equivalent to our green card system of identifying those in-country legally and allowed to work, etc. He was thirty-one-year-old Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, who had obtained his residency card by marriage. (Sound familiar? Hint: San Bernardino, the wife of an American citizen who entered our country by virtue of her marriage to an American, and was the deadly female partner in the massacre there last December.)

The truck did not appear menacing in the least to the casual observer–late model, white in color, sleek and “sexy” in appearance as trucks go. Within minutes of entering the closed street, Bouhlel had transformed an ordinary common box truck into a nineteen-ton juggernaut of death and mayhem as it sped along the coastal highway, mowing down anyone in its path–indeed swerving to and fro in order to hit the largest number possible, all the time firing a weapon into the crowd of fleeing bystanders.

In just a matter of minutes, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel had killed eighty-four helpless people and injured many more, at least fifty-four critically. Ten children were among the victims laying in the bloody street, mangled and lifeless.

The Thursday, July 14 attack was unique in that we do not consider a truck a lethal weapon, certainly not a weapon of war. But that is what it was July 14 in Nice. The one driver drove what seems a planned route where he would encounter the most people–targets to him–drive into them as fast as he could get his truck to go, intent on creating chaos and panic, determined to inflict death on as many innocents as possible, knowing his trip would certainly be shortened by the French police in the area. He had to know he was about to become a martyr for the cause of Islam.

This use of a truck as a weapon is not new. Most of you may have forgotten the last time it was used was against Americans–United Stated Marines. Where? Lebanon. When? October 1983. A truck, loaded with more than two thousand pounds of explosives, crashed through the flimsy perimeter fence, sped past the gate guards, and plowed into the ground floor lobby of the temporary barracks a Marine infantry battalion was using as housing, killing 241 of them and injuring hundreds more.

They were Islamic terrorists then, they are Islamic terrorists now. Sorry, President Obama, but it does matter if you call them that contrary to your wondering why you should.

July 14 is Bastille Day in France, a celebration of the storming of the Bastille prison to free a small number of political prisoners–seven is the popular count. The day is a cousin, sort of, to our 4th of July. In France, July 14 signifies the beginning of republican democracy and the end of tyrannical rule. As we do here for our July 4, the people of France were out in large numbers to view the fireworks out over the Mediterranean Sea, especially in Nice, a beautiful seacoast city on the French Riviera.

Let me be clear–as of yet, no group has claimed credit for this latest attack. It, most likely, is the work of ISIS, but Al Qaeda is fighting to regain its status as the top dog in the Muslim religion’s battles against the evils of the Western world and its corrupt and immoral societies as they see them.

The date of the attack was no coincidence. The primary objective of terrorist attacks is to create such chaotic disorientation, wide-spread fear, and crippling panic as to paralyze a nation for a prolonged period with little effort–to terrorize us. Paris had done that, but now perhaps that state of terror needed a booster shot. Granted such violent, unpredictable acts do as they were intended.

However, terrorism is also a political weapon for those who have none. ISIS and Al Qaeda are not countries in and of themselves. Not being sovereign nations, they lack standing in the world, they have no real legitimacy, they are rogues, and they are desperate to achieve status. While the leader of the ISIS movement has declared he has established a caliphate–essentially an independent country made up of parts of Syria and Iraq as of now, it is not recognized as a part of the world order. In fact, it is viewed as bogus at best, and against all of the governing and legal aspects of the United Nations.

To attack a country such as France on this date was probably determined some time ago when the planning for it began. If it had just been any other day, there would be much less worldwide news coverage, much less indignation, and certainly much less an elevation in status for ISIS. There may have been a lone driver of that truck that wreaked so much mayhem, but others planned it and told him where to go and when.

I, for one, as a student of terrorism–a personal interest and hobby for the past forty years–have, just yesterday, elevated slightly the status of ISIS in my mind. They are undoubtedly a very capable collection of radical Islamists–killers and rogues, yes, but neither uneducated in the importance of quasi-military tactics, including psychological operations—nd maybe especially the psychological aspects of terrorism–nor unaware of the game of global politics.

That elevation of status has been with me from the very beginning when I first became aware of that organization. I may have begun with the same view as President Obama, revealed when he answered a question about ISIS during a television interview. At the time, Al Qaeda was the concern, not some upstart. The president said, “If a JV team puts on Laker’s jerseys, that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant.”

That statement might be suitable sitting around a bar talking politics and the like, but I cringed when I heard it. In sports, that is referred to as taunting, and a penalty or foul is called. I do know this, based on more than twenty years as a United States Marine: one should never taunt the enemy, especially as dangerous an organization as ISIS–it serves only to embolden them, motivate them, and bolster their determination to carry on the fight. They are well-tuned to everything we say as well as do. Probably more inclined to listen to our words than watch us do anything. In the “doing” arena, we’ve stumbled and bumbled–even fumbled–under this president as Commander-in-Chief insofar as a clear and well-thought-out plan for this war, and war it is though that word, as well as the term “Islamic terrorists,” doesn’t resonate well in the halls of the White House. Nor does it create excitement at the Pentagon from what I see of our Secretary of Defense, an individual more concerned with conducting social engineering experiments on our military than formulating a plan to win this conflict.

I also cringe when I see or hear on national news such facts as this from the Army Times, and all national news outlets: The United States will send 560 more troops to Iraq to transform a freshly retaken air base into a staging hub for the long-awaited battle to recapture Mosul from Islamic State militants, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Monday. Such information should not be published. I cannot fathom why we do these types of stupid things regularly.

In World War II, such phrases as, “Loose lips sink ships were the norm.” Now we have the Secretary of Defense announcing to all, including ISIS, our intent to bolster the Iraq army to retake Mosul. How do you think ISIS will handle this strategic information–announced by the head man in charge of the Pentagon no less? (I think I know the answer to that.)

Imagine this: Henry L. Stimson, Secretary of War in August, 1945, calling a press conference to announce we had these really big bombs and we were going to drop them on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the dates in August we would do so.

For such carelessness with revealing the details of military deployments and such (and we think Hillary’s emails were problematic as to her lack of concern for national security), as well as his social engineering blunders that have overburdened our military to an unbelievable extent, I contend he is the least adept Secretary of Defense in our country’s history, unqualified for the job, and incompetent in it.

Ashton Carter has been spending way too much time, egged on by the president no doubt for legacy purposes, on the sort of non-issues as gay rights in the military, women in all units of every branch of the military, and the latest buffoonery, transgenderism, and not enough time heading up the Defense Department, essentially getting the house in order, devoting the necessary time and effort to come up with a solution to the ever-more-ominous ISIS and Al Qaeda, as his job should demand.

We require a detailed, long-term strategy to cope with the threat of ISIS and any of their or Al Qaeda’s affiliates wherever they may be in the world, and they are seemingly everywhere–throughout the continent of Africa, in Asia, and the Middle East. It is long past time for action of a deliberate nature, not the waffling of President Obama and Ashton Carter.

Rest assured, Ash, ISIS could give a damned about “equality” in their fighting forces. As for transgenderism and gays being “out” in the military–well, having seen their beheading videos on television in living color, I think you know what their future would look like.

(Do we really need a military burdened with thousands of Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner’s?)

In order to defeat ISIS and Al Qaeda, et al, we must know of them and understand them, and not take them as some sort of “JV” military group of no threat to the powerful United States military. I and an Army officer named Bob Bowes taught a three hour class on the subject at the John F. Kennedy Center for Military Assistance, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, from 1972 to 1975. I have closely followed terrorism and terrorists since then, reading every book by the likes of Steve Emerson, and others, and watched countless hours of documentaries, which continue to the current time–for example CNN’s Why Do They Hate Us, asking about the Western world, although I see that documentary as we should take the blame for all that has gone wrong in the Muslim world.

My preferred of the books out now on the subject is ISIS: Inside The Army of Terror by Michael Weiss and Hassan Hassan. The authors describe ISIS as complex and multifaceted. “ISIS is a terrorist organization, but it isn’t only a terrorist organization. It is also a mafia… adept at exploiting markets for oil and arms trafficking… It is a conventional military with a professional acumen that has impressed members of the US military… It is a sophisticated intelligence-gathering apparatus… It is a slick propaganda machine effective at disseminating its message and calling in new recruits via social media… “

In that book, on the very last page, 242, one will read a lone paragraph consisting of a single sentence, which quantifies our challenge to some degree, and in which the authors boldly and unequivocally predict, The army of terror will be with us indefinitely.

Early on the Saturday morning of November 14, the morning after the Paris massacre, Christiane Amanpour, CBE, British-Iranian globetrotting international journalist of exceptional talent and professionalism, interviewed, on the eerie streets of Paris, a woman of obvious affluence and intelligence–formally educated and sophisticated. Christiane asked her several questions about how she was coping, her level of fear, and a few others. Then came the real question, the question on many French citizens’ minds–that question concerned immigration of Muslims in numbers too high for a country to effectively monitor, and the commonly known fact that Muslims refused to assimilate into France’s society, accept Western mores and values, and generally make an attempt to fit in.

Speaking softly, but deliberately, showing little emotion, certainly not anger, the French woman made a few general comments, then ended the interview thusly when pressed on her thoughts on Muslim immigration, since the attackers were Muslims, saying, “Immigration of today is the terrorism of tomorrow.”

Hijabs – The Modern Faces Behind the Muslim Head Scarf

Muslim women started wearing hijabs or other head coverings centuries ago in order to keep in step with the modesty taught by their religion. However, with the passage of time, people started embracing the westernized way and covering the head no longer remained the center of focus for a number of Muslim women. Some named it liberation, others named it modernization. However, when a few years ago the Non Muslim world created a misconception about hijabs symbolizing radicalism. At that point, a vast majority of Muslimahs become more conscious of restoring their religious as well as ethnic identities and reverted back to the use of head coverings for themselves. Today regardless of what country they are in, Muslim women globally have embraced more modest ways of dressing including the use of jilbabs, abayas and most of all hijabs.

There are a number of famous Muslim women that also endorse the fact that covering the head is not a sign of oppression or fundamentalism. In reality, these women cover their heads to please Allah swt, who is the creator of the entire mankind. From news anchors to political activist, scholars to scientists, a large number of famous Muslim women proudly wear their hijabs in public and feel more confident while covering their heads.

Islamic beacons such as Khadeejah, who was a famous businesswoman during the prophet’s time and later became his wife; Fatimah, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH); Asma bint Abu Bakr, the daughter of one of the closest friends of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), are the paragons for Muslim women. However, they were much later followed by powerful women such as Zaynab-al-Ghazali, who is an Egyptian Islamic Activist. She strongly supports the rights of Muslim women including their right to dress conservatively. Maryum Jameelah is another prime example of the modern women supporting headscarves. Maryum was the first American Jewish woman to convert to Islam. She then followed the teachings of Islam to the core and in addition wrote numerous books about the concepts of Islam. Her work is well read and appreciated equally by Muslims and non Muslims around the world. The former president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), Mrs. Elkadi, is another prime example of a modern day muslimah who is never seen without hijabs. She actively worked for ISNA and promoted modesty and decency for the young Muslim women living in America.

These are just a few examples of the current day Muslim women who are neither afraid nor ashamed to wear hijabs in all circumstances. In fact they wear them with pride and feel honored to be educated and successful women that can make an impact on others as well as lead by example. As more success stories are publicized about women in hijabs, it will have a great and positive impact on the next generation, promoting the feelings of morality and uprightness about Islam!

Is It Time For Moderate Muslims To Stand Up

I read an interesting opinion piece today that is bound to get people hot under collar.

It asked the question, why aren’t Muslims all over the world protesting at the atrocities being committed by ISIS?

It is a tantalising debate for me because I can see both sides of the argument.

It all started when a well known Professor of Journalism at the American University in Dubai wanted to know why Muslims protesting against Israel’s war in Gaza were not also protesting the Islamic State atrocities against Christians, Yazidis and fellow Muslims in Syria and Iraq.

Writing in the Washington Post, the academic made the point that Muslims know ISIS does not represent Islam but the rest of the world doesn’t know that or can’t make the distinction. So if organisations like ISIS and Boko Haram are not representative of mainstream Muslims, and they clearly aren’t, then the community should be shouting this from the rooftops. In other words mainstream Muslims must disown the Islamic State because the rest of the world thinks their brutality is what Islam has become. She says if people hear the word Islam the first thing that pops into their heads isn’t its glorious cultural history or the peaceful words of the prophet Mohammed. Rather they think of men in masks carrying knives and beheading innocent journalists who happen to stumble into the wrong place at the wrong time.

I can understand where she is coming from. The other side of the argument goes something like this. Why should moderate Muslims have to speak publicly every time some extremist sends a message of hate? A certain amount of common sense needs to be applied here. The reality is the vast majority of Muslims are peace-loving people who would never contemplate harming anyone. They point to the Koran as a book that preaches peace, goodwill, tolerance, understanding and love. Why should they have to stand up and justify themselves every time some nut job nuts off? It becomes the denial that never ends.

Of course there is another factor at play here, especially among Muslim leaders in the Middle East. And that is a dislike and mistrust of the United States. Academics at Princeton and Harvard University analyzed the Twitter feeds of 3.7 million Arabic users in 2012 and 2013 and discovered that whatever position the United States adopted, right or wrong, it made no change to their intense dislike of America. It might explain why President Obama is struggling to get support in the Arab world as well as a meaningful strategy to combat ISIS. The present strategy appears to be limited air strikes while at the same time arming and backing a rag tag of political factions in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan in the hope that they can cobble together some kind of consensus that speaks for the majority of their citizens. Good luck with that one.

ISIS is a perplexing problem for the United States and the world. The Islamic State won’t be defeated by air strikes alone. Its defeat has to be engineered by local people. Local Muslims prepared to take local action. In other words it will take a coalition of Arab forces prepared to fight against everything that ISIS stands for. Doing it for themselves and their future. One thing’s for sure. We can’t all spend the next 20 years wondering how this is going to be achieved. We may not have the luxury.

Confronting Racism in the Hearts of Some Muslims

All too often Muslim African Americans have been taught to de-emphasize race. This is done primarily to avoid being seen as nationalistic or racist thus going against the very teachings of Al Islam itself. However, to de-emphasize race is to also de-emphasize the conditions directed onto a community borne from the most powerful racism (in America this is called white supremacy) such as police brutality, employment discrimination, and an unjust and very biased legal system that often mistreats the poor and downtrodden just to name a few.

Yet there is a tendency to forget the many verses of Qur’an that admonish mankind for harboring racism in the first place. We must remember that as Satan became the first racist in history by refusing to bow to man merely because man was created from the mud of the earth and he was created from smokeless fire, that Allah punished him for that and condemned him to the Hellfire.

As Allah condemns racism, He also gives those victims of racism the permission to fight it. Yet one cannot fight it, if they are either unwilling or are taught to fear confronting it. When Satan expressed his racist hatred of man and swore to be man’s eternal enemy, Allah gave man tools to fight him.

The first tool He provided was the ability to recognize Satans’ tactics through our intellect, and other senses. Once this is used, we are then to formulate strategies designed to prevent the racist agents of Satan from enacting their way of racism. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that anyone who has a mustard seed of pride in his heart would never enter the Paradise, and that pride was to have a disdain for the truth and a contempt for a people. Satan exhibited this toward Adam (peace be upon him) and all of mankind. The philosophy of racism itself is to exhibit this. In America this is called white supremacy only because those who have the most power to enact their racism on others who are powerless members of a minority happen to be classified as white. In Saudi Arabia it might be called Saudi supremacy, in China Chinese supremacy and so on. Yet Allah did not ignore Satans’ racism, but punished him for it. For this reason, and others that will be discussed in part two we should be able to remove the tendency to de-emphasize race among the Muslim African American if he or she is to overcome and rise above internalizing the harsh effects of racism.

Many Muslims who come from overseas have shown their disinterest in directly dealing this issue. This can be experienced by their lack of involvement in areas of helping the homeless, the drug addicted or routine ex convict that found Al Islam in prison and now needs a support group to maintain his faith upon release. This can also be seen by the large annual conventions that can attract thousands of Muslims adopting themes such as having a beautiful Ramadan or loving one’s neighbor, but refuse to seriously deal with oppression and social injustices throughout the world that are often borne from racism. When I say “seriously deal with” I mean to identify the problems, adopt a plan of isolating them, formulating a strategy to correct them, monitor its progress, and hold individuals accountable for its strategic implementation.

In this series “Facts on Sunni Muslims – Confronting Racism in the Hearts of Some Muslims” God willing we can attempt to do that.

Muslim Mahdi and Biblical Anti Christ

Everything the Muslims prophecy about their Mahdi mirrors the Biblical Anti-Christ.

Muslim revolutions in Libya, Yemen, and Bahrain grab world headlines, and Morocco is quietly undergoing what its prime minister has called “a peaceful revolution.”

The Muslim Brotherhood is quietly, completely destroying every Arab empire that has close ties with Washington.

The Muslims are anxiously awaiting their Savior of the world, the Mahdi!

You will see that it is more than mere coincidence that the Mahdi and the Anti-Christ will both have a 7-year reign, will unite the enemies of Israel and attack Israel, will require the mark of the Beast (the arm-band and/or headband), and have such a hatred for Israel and America.

The number “666″ of the Bible in Revelation 13:18 is not a literal word for word translation. Rather it is 3 strange characters. The first looks like the crossed swords found on many Muslim renderings. The second is a giant capital E with a swirly top. When turned sideways, it is the name for the Muslim god Allah. The third is an ancient character meaning “in the name of.” Translated, it could easily say, Conquer in the name of Allah.

The Anti-Christ will not be revealed until the rapture of the Church occurs, so all speculation as to who he is becomes vain and useless. However, the events in the Arab world since the beginning of 2011 make it seem very suspicious. We know that the Bible is true. We know that the Anti-Christ will come. We know that he will befriend Israel, and then turn against them. We know that Jesus will come again and destroy this enemy of God and cast him into the bottomless pit. Praise God.

I have often wondered who could possibly have so much hatred for Israel and for the United States? I have wondered who would be-head all infidels that do not convert. I have wondered why the millions of this world would bow to the anti-Christ and receive a mark on their head and hand. None of the answers I have come up with seem to make any sense except for a Muslim leader that the Muslim masses have been waiting for suddenly appears on the scene… Whoa Boy! Look out! What a bloodbath would ensue. God help us!

Of all the forms of execution that the Bible prophesied about concerning the antichrist, why does it specify be-heading? That is not a western or American concept at all. There is only one people and religion that promotes that form.

Beautifully Written Tale of 9-11 Muslim Widow

Shaila Abdullah’s “Saffron Dreams” is a moving, sensitive and eye-opening novel about Arissa Ilahi, a young Pakistani woman living in New York City, who loses her husband in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Towers. While the novel has scenes in Pakistan prior to the 9/11 attacks, the focus of the novel is Arissa grieving for her lost husband, Faizan, her efforts to get her life back together in a country whose people are becoming intolerant and prejudiced against Muslims, and being a single mother to a newborn son with multiple disabilities. Along the way, Arissa learns to find support in loved ones, especially her in-laws, and to sever dysfunctional relationships, even with family members. Despite many difficult decisions she must make for the independence of herself and her son, Arissa remains strong and hopeful.

The September 11th attacks are wounds still healing in the United States. Readers of “Saffron Dreams” will better understand the grief experienced by those who lost loved ones during that critical time. The novel also offers insights into Islamic, particularly Pakistani, culture and the difficulties faced by immigrants to the United States in their efforts to assimilate yet retain parts of their culture. As Arissa notes in the novel, immigrants come to love both lands as their own.

“Saffron Dreams” is as American a novel as any written because the immigrant experience is an integral part of the American story. The novel is part of Modern History Press’s “Reflections of America” series, and its young female Pakistani narrator provides a unique perspective on how Americans are still trying to cope with and interpret the events of September 11th and the wars that have followed. While the story is not as full of dramatic conflict as other recent Middle-Eastern immigrant novels such as “The Kite Runner,” the internal conflict of Arissa is just as moving and perhaps more meaningful to readers who will see in Arissa someone not so unlike them, someone who simply wants a better life for herself and her child.

At the background of the novel is the theme of the value and importance of each human life. Arissa is determined to carry on her husband’s legacy, to make sure his life is remembered and valued. At the urging of her mother-in-law, she decides to complete her husband’s novel, “Soul Searcher.” Equally, Arissa makes the decision to give birth and raise her child despite his disabilities. Through it all, she learns to value her own life, not allowing prospective lovers, dysfunctional family members, or Pakistani and American culture to control or define her future or identity. Arissa’s story shows the individual importance and value of each person. Her voice is so distinct the reader is surprised to recall that “Saffron Dreams” is a novel rather than a personal memoir.

Author Shaila Abdullah was born in Karachi, Pakistan but now lives and works as a freelance writer in Austin, Texas. While she did not experience the terrorist attacks of September 11th firsthand, her experience as a Muslim woman who immigrated to the United States speaks for many men and women who have left their native lands to seek a better life in the United States despite the additional difficulties it can cause. Abdullah’s previously published short story collection “Beyond the Cayenne Wall” received laudatory reviews for its depiction of Pakistani women struggling to define themselves as individuals against the barriers imposed by the traditional wall that separates the acceptable from what is considered sinful in their societies. Like the veil the Pakistani women wear, the wall prevents them from exploring who they really are.

Now in “Saffron Dreams,” Abdullah returns to her topic of Pakistani women with an in-depth portrait of one woman trying to reconcile her new freedoms with her Pakistani culture and the prejudice of many Americans toward the Muslim religion. “Saffron Dreams” captures the tone and emotions of the early twenty-first century, while leaving the reader much to think about in terms of what it means to be an American, what the future of America may be, and the hope that exists in future generations. Abdullah’s writing offers a new and intriguing perspective on the American experience, one I hope to continue enjoying in future novels from her.

Saffron Dreams
Shaila Abdullah
Modern History Press (2009)
ISBN: 9781932690736

Muslims Are Losing Ground

Salmon Rushdie may have been the first to flee the wrath of angry Islamic hardliners but now whole nations are on the alert. It is an easy thing to hide one man but nations are another matter. World reaction is followed by world opinion and depending on how much dust has to settle, following close behind is worldwide action. That action has been everything from hunting down major terrorists and dangerous extremists to digging for the root causes for all this anti anything that isn’t Muslim.

Immediately after 9-11 President Bush sought to encourage Americans and warn the perpetrators of the attack in New York. We rallied around his comments with ears fully opened and hearts still burning with grief. Almost un-noticed in the melee of words and emotions he also said, that we knew the Muslim religion was a peaceful religion. Do we really know that? Up to that propitious moment in our history we knew pretty close to nothing about the Islamic faith. Since those remarks were made there has been a rush to correct our general lack of knowledge about Islam. So what do we know now?

The first person to cast doubt on the peaceful religion remark was Franklin Graham the son of evangelist Rev Billy Graham. He simply pointed us to the Quran where it can be seen in black and white that the cost of not converting to Islam could be our lives. The first reaction to Graham’s divulgement was a little shy of a good old tar and feathering. Since then we have poured over the newly offered enlightenments put forth by authors, preachers, news people and others. Graham has been vindicated, our president has been a good deal less vociferous on the peaceful religion idea, and we have had a non stop crash course on the entire subject via the shock network from, Indonesia, Spain and London.

College freshman still argue that more wars have been fought and more lives have been lost to religion than for any other reason. Only a little more learning and they eventually stop sounding that obviously exaggerated claim. Most of the lives lost in war had to do with territory, politics, fascism and all the other reasons on a long list of which religion is but one. But how many converts are won as a result of religious wars and bigotry? Why can’t the Muslims take a hint from this? How many people really wanted to be Catholics during the Papal inquisitions? How many got converted to Christianity because of the crusades? How about a modestly conservative, very few if any, for a fair answer?

About as much time as it takes to get a college degree has passed since 9-11 and Americans have been immersed in both its details and its concomitant effects. We have all figuratively earned our degree in the effects of terrorism. We have had our education bolstered with remedial courses from the subways of Spain to the underground of London. If we have learned nothing else we can at least say with surety that Islam is not a peaceful religion. It assuages us little to be reminded so often that there are extremist Muslims and moderate Muslims, when we know their guide book puts forth a mandate to take the extreme.That information leaves us with only two lousy choices. One is to be ever watchful of the extreme Muslims and the other is to hope the moderate Muslims don’t get to serious about the Quran’s extremes.

Perhaps a better question is what have Muslims learned? Has the slaughter of unsuspecting, un-armed and un-prepared people added any converts to Islam? Has it caused anyone to rush to join their ranks? The world consensus may be hard to accurately measure but it seems safe to say that not many are taking the bait.

We still live in a world where people don’t like being blown up for holding an opposing view or for not being inclined to become adherents to one religion or another. I think that is why we call it civilization. Most people like to come slowly to their conclusions about God. Most folks still prefer spiritual experiences rather than human coercion. Most people would prefer a gentle Jesus to a poisoning Jim Jones. Even the cults have sense enough to feign love to the unsuspecting to lure them into their folds. What nation or what culture has ever been found to eagerly accept a religion that thinks blowing people up is pleasing to God? Why don’t Muslims see they are doing more to harm their cause than time and forgiveness may ever be able to repair?