Hollywood Mayhem Sends Muddled Message to Muslims

I sat in a Missionary Alliance Church one Sunday morning and watched a video message about the work of missionaries in Iraq. With the mournful and distant sound of eastern chanting in the background the commentator described the work of what was up to recently the largest missionary effort in all of Iraq.

It is hard to say how long such missionary endeavor will be able to survive in that region because as of early in 2006 there has been a mass exodus of Christians. Both death squads and the militia have brazenly targeted and viciously attacked Christian groups with greater frequency than at any time since the Iraq war began. Even many of the Eastern Orthodox which is indigenous to the region are seeking refuge in other countries in the middle east. News agencies are now reporting that up to forty percent of the refugees leaving Iraq are Christians.

On the positive side, the missionaries said that because the Muslim religion centers so much on death that Muslims do respond favorably when they see that the Christians are genuinely loving, and that there is something noticeably different about them.

One Muslim man when interviewed said “When we hear the music of your life and it sounds good, then we might ask about the words to the song.”

On the negative side one unknown Iraqi man said something that would cut anyone to the heart. He said that it wasn’t the news broadcasts that Muslims see that give them their opinions about America. He said it was the regular programming from the west that had the biggest influence on how they see us.

Muslims he said, see America as a “Christian nation” and when they see the sex, violence, and immorality that are presented in the media like a giant circus of slop they turn away in disgust and reaffirm to themselves that if this is what Christianity is they don’t want it.

It is nearly impossible to explain to Muslims who are all guided by the same principles as derived from their Koran that America is a culturally diverse nation and not everyone holds Christian values. They are content to believe that when it comes to America and the west in general that, “what you see is what you get.”

We have all heard the rants of Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and we have watched the Hezbollah indiscriminately lob rockets at our allies in the Middle East, but this unknown, un-named Muslim man laid the most serious indictment upon America that we may ever hear.

He specifically named Hollywood in his statement. While Americans are still debating and calling for studies about the ramifications of sex, violence and materialism on our children from the media, Muslims have already made up their minds. Without lending any credence to the sayings of Christ they are nevertheless using the truth found in them, specifically when Jesus said “Ye shall know them by their fruits.” (Mt 7:16)

As good broadcasting codes are sent off to antiquity, movie ratings become meaningless and American parents become mere nannies’ who pick up after the X-Box and Nintendo generation, who can make Hollywood listen? Who can make Hollywood see?

Sadly the answer to the question is understood. Even sadder is the fact that people around the world, enemy and friend see all to well. Hollywood may be having its day as it leads our collective consciousness into the night but they will have as the famous preacher Dr. R. G. Lee said, “a payday someday.”

Are Muslim Immigrants Humble Guests Or Aggressive Invaders

With all the uproar about how the world is changing to conform with the demands of immigrant Muslim demands, I felt it was the right time to make a statement. Feel free to distribute this article as you wish.

There are many examples such as creating special time slots for swimming pools and sports games, and the rescheduling of university exams because they were on a Sunday, which was a time for Muslim prayers.

What about the rights of the Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, and other various religions who had no objection to taking the exam on a Sunday yet had to rearrange their lives to suit the Muslims. This is Canada, not a Muslim country but a Christian one. They do not make exceptions for the Jews when some events are held on a Saturday, their holy day.

Europe is even worse, although Australia is standing up to a degree. With all the animosity that is brewing, we must consider some very important facts about the religion of Islam.

The koran, like other religions, teaches the basic morals and good ethics required to be a decent human being. One very important principle is Adab. This very profound quality of character that must be cultivated covers too many english words to describe, but the basic principle is good conduct. Adab teaches how to be a good guest conforming to the rules of the host and culture.

Adab is a main tenet of the Islamic tradition and the demands that the guests are making on the host countries are in total opposition to its principles: Respect your host, respect all beings, do not disturb others in their way of life.

The importance of adab is beautifully summed up in the words of Ibn A’rabi, the greatest of Sufi saints and teachers, when he said; “100% of your spiritual growth is dependent on your adab.”

Anyone who does not follow or agree with this principle, or would follow the muslim tenet that everyone must be converted to Islam or die, is not coming as a guest but rather is coming as an invader to conquer people in another land.

The point I would like to make is that immigrants either conform to the customs, laws and culture of the host country or be treated as invaders and deported. Anyone who goes to another person’s home or another country and says; you must do it my way, should be treated as an invader, if not simply as too rude to be welcome in your home.

Since the changes being demanded concern religious regulations, such actions could be compared to a form of Jihad, a religious war. You generally do not grant citizenship and bestow all the benefits of citizenship to an invader who has declared war on you, but that is exactly what is happening in so many generous democratic countries.

I am not saying that anyone should not have the right to live as they choose, but rather that if you elect to emigrate to another country, you should know and accept and adapt to the new environment you have chosen to live in. For example, you do not take a trip to the Antarctic to see the penguins and pack only bermuda shorts and a t-shirt.

You know what you are getting into, and if you want it to be like home, then do not go where life is different, unless the entire purpose of your trip is to change the place you are going to. Again this is the behaviour of an invader, not a guest.

I call upon all non-muslim countries in the world to join together and adopt the attitude that every citizen or visitor should be allowed religious freedom, but anyone who demands a change of the way a country and its citizens function in favor of a newly arrived guest should be deemed an enemy infiltrator, establishing a position inside the country to which an attack is being planned. We were here first!

We must learn from history. How many countries have been invaded by the British and other European countries. Look what has happened to the indigenous people, they were massacred. History is repeating itself, but I hope that this time we can wise up and prevent the inevitable.

Of course no country will take affirmative action for the simple reason that they are very scared of violent repercussions, and rightfully so. This valid fear itself justifies my point.

Why is it that the Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jews and many other religions who have immigrated do not make demands on the host country to change the way the hosts live? Another more important question is why no changes have been made to accommodate those religions?

The reason is very simple, they do not pose the threat of violence if the host country does not conform. Here again we have further evidence that these are not grateful guests but rather violent aggressors, which need to be put in their place for the sake of the natives of the land.

I am asking all Muslims to be respectful guests and respect the rules of the host country who has welcomed you, provided you with a better quality of life, the benefits, services and privileges that come with having a western passport, and stop asking your generous hosts to change the way they live. This is very poor adab and will return bitterness and hatred, as you can see.

This article may sound like I am trying to incite non-Muslims against Muslims, and that may happen of course, but rather, my goal is to bring peace and harmony to our world.

We should all have the right to live as we choose, and if your way means that other people cannot live the way they want, and have been living for hundreds of years, then something is very wrong with your way.

The greatest supporters of this article should be Muslims who simply want to live a better quality of life in a new country, peacefully. It is they who are suffering the most by the radicals making unreasonable demands. A person should not be hated because they are born into a religion or wear a head scarf. But they are, simply by association to the radicals. This is unjust to everyone and is caused by the people who are demanding so called justice and freedom to live as they choose.

I am asking Muslim immigrants globally who are integrating peacefully in their new home to reject the demands of the fanatics and entreat the those who are demanding changes to back down and fit in, or go back to where they came from.

We should welcome with open arms any guest who immigrates and wants to share their culture as they settle in their new home. I am not saying to reject all Muslims, but only those who demand that the host country and people change the way they live.

If this article insights some fanatic to kill me, I am very happy to die as a martyr, just in case they are right and I get a plethora of perpetual virgins, I just hope they are all young and gorgeous. However, I would even be satisfied with the koranic promise of the Beautiful Eyes. Yes, that is the truth, the koran does not promise any virgins.

The gift to the martyr is Hur al Ein, the Beautiful Eyes. But no one knew what that meant, so men, as men do, translated that into something more enticing. Please refer my article entitled; “The Beautiful Eyes, God’s Gift to the Martyr”, on my web site.

May all people on earth be happy and stop telling other people how to live and what to change so they can have it their way. The world is not Burger King!