No More American Visa For Muslims

Last Wednesday I got a pirated copy of just released movie “MY NAME IS KHAN “. After watching 2.40 hours movie, I got surprised that the stream of the movie was crystal clear. Though piracy has affected revenue but the film recorded a worldwide collection of estimated US $ 18 million for 1st week.

The movie is released at that time when a growing number of Muslims are victims of extra security checks and humiliations in international airports because of a recent attempt by a 23 year old Nigerian Muslim to blow a plane at Detroit airport on the Christmas day of 2009 and subsequent security checks have added an unexpected bonus to the film reason being that this movie has struck the minds of those who directly or indirectly faced harassment in airports only because of carrying a Muslim name would be enthusiastic to see the movie and it will increase the revenue of the film.

“MY NAME IS KHAN” is about racism and humiliation against Muslims after 9/11 attacks by Al-Qaeda upon America. The film has also an angle of losing and regaining love of Rizwan Khan (Shah Rukh Khan) and journey to America for bringing his love back. The movie is based on the fact that inconvenience is being caused by US security for those people who have a valid American visa but they carry a Muslim name like Khan, Muhammad, Rehman etc.

I too had such kind of experience when flying to America in 2006. Though I was carrying all legal documents like American Visa etc, But as I reached at the security checkpoint one officer pointed at me asked to follow him. I had to stay there for six long hours for embarrassing security checking before I could board another flight. At that time a thought “if my name had not been Khan I would not have missed the flight to Ohio”.

Most of the Thinkers feel why the west does not invest time and money in knowing the root cause of terrorism. Because it is not any community who is involving in terrorism, it is a handful of individuals who are doing this.